Does Maqpie still alive?

That the question we often get...

We do not publish a lot of blog posts, we don't run ads, we're not sending emails weekly or monthly emails. We're not making any noise. Why?

Our customers find us somehow and we're not pushed to scale. At some point in 2019 our team decided to stop active development, as we felt that Maqpie is a complete product. We do implement occasional features, which our customer ask from time to time, we fix bugs (2 in 2020, 1 in 2019) — that's it.

We're alive and feeling strong. We reduced our waste to the minimum, so we no need to raise prices often. We're profitable.

Here is our original plan form 2016:

  • Create a user to user chat that could be easily integrated into products without development.
  • Offer pre-built, beautiful UI which allow slight customization.
  • Offer on-demand installation to deal with HIPAA, GDPR offer better data privacy.

Who we are today?

  • We still most beautiful and feature reach user to user chat SaaS.
  • We're the fastest to integrate. InputHealth did a full integration and prepared demo within one day.
  • We support all modern chat features.

If you don't have an account yet - you can create it here. You can also check Maqpie in action.