On-premise user to user chat (HIPAA, GDPR)

Maqpie is a beautiful user to user chat that could be added to any product without development (see some screenshots below).

A lot of our customers need to be HIPAA or GDPR compliant. For such case we offer on premise installation:

  • Software is installed on your company servers and only company employees have access to the data.
  • Maqpie team provide support and resolve any issues.

The full setup and testing usually take around a week from the decision to working chat.

Healthcare SaaS use case

Technical details

In the most simple setup Maqpie could be installed on a single server. To get started we will need:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS linux server (with pre-installed docker) with at least 8 GB of RAM and 2 processors. Maqpie is just a bunch of docker containers running together and could be installed into any modern infrastructure (e.x. Kubernetes)
  • Redis database (could be installed on same server)
  • MongoDB database. We recommend using MongoDB Atlas, as they cover all your HIPAA needs and have built-in incremental backups.
  • Amazon S3 to store chat attachments.
  • SSL certificate for the chat domain (usually we recommend Letsencrypt) e.x. chat.yourcompany.com.

After fulfilling initial requirements, our team will do following:

  • Install latest version of Maqpie to your server(s).
  • Provide you access to the Docker Hub images (so you can pull feature updates).
  • Provide access to the repo with automated deployment scripts, which can be added to the CI.

After we do any changes to the source code, we will notify your team that some changes needs to be deployed.


We offer two pricing models:

  • Buy the copy of Mapqie source code + yearly on premise support fee.
  • Pay for the number online users based on our cloud pricing + yearly on premise support fee.

If you don't have an account yet - you can create it here. You can also check Maqpie in action.